"Afternoon Tea" From 16:00 to 19:00


From the elegant Barrio de Salamanca we have designed a luxury proposal for the most exquisite palates. A place of reference for lovers of good tea and champagne, accompanied by excellent scones, sandwiches and sweets. From Haroma restaurant we invite you to share a special moment difficult to forget.


(With reservation)

English Afternoon Tea: 40€
Delicious typical English tea and enjoy delicious cakes, scones and finger sandwiches
accompanied by our exclusive teas from selected vintages.

English afternoon tea with a glass of Moët & Chandon brut Imperial: 52€
Our Complete Tea, accompanied by a glass of
Champagne Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial.

Heritage Tea
Belgian chocolate and red roses with vanilla and
golden sparkles. Sweet and moisturising trend.

Gold Needle White Tea
Low theine, antioxidant power, great source
of vitamin C. Silky and velvety.

Red tea 50 Years
Theine, purifying, digestive, lowers cholesterol.
Pocedente de Yunnan

Sweet Cream Red Tea
Theine, red tea properties combined
with a caramel, honey and mango cream.

Red tea Creativity
Theine, sweet. Aroma of red fruits.

Lapsang Souchong black tea
Theine, very digestive. Smoky, intense flavour.
From China.

Kukicha green tea
Theine-free, tea of eternal life, subtle, floral flavour.
Anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative and anti-cancer effect.

Sencha green tea
Theine, antioxidant. Stimulating
and digestive qualities. From Japan.

Green tea fairy garden
The best properties of green tea,
combined with exotic fruits and roses from India.

Femininity green tea
Teína ancient geisha recipe, with Japanese cherry
that brings together the traditional properties of green tea.

Original Rooibos
Theine-free, balanced. Sourced
from an African bush.

Rooibos joie de vivre
Theine-free, spicy, citrusy and sweet.
Sourced from South Africa.

Rooibos Memories of Africa
Theine-free, moisturising and soothing

Magic fruit blend
Infusion without intense theine, maximum acidity
for its red fruits and the sweetness of honey.

Digestive herbal tea
It is a delicious and natural remedy against
indigestion. Aromatic and organic.

Sweet Dreams Tisane
Poppy and sweet spice blend
for a moment of peace.

Theine-free, relaxing, anti-inflammatory,
helps the immune system,
lowers cholesterol levels,

Pennyroyal mint
Theine-free, aids digestion,
relieves cold and flu symptoms,
calming effect. Helps to fall asleep.

Combats nervousness, stress, insomnia.
Relieves headaches and treats hypertension.

Theine-free, sweet, relaxing and detoxifying

Wholefood, caffeine-free detox infusion
With apple and pear, digestive.