“Afternoon Tea” De 16:00 a 20:00


From the elegant Salamanca we have designed a proposed luxury for the most discerning palates. A reference for lovers of good tea and good champagne, accompanied by their excellent scones, sandwiches and sweets. From the restaurant Haroma invite you to share a special moment hard to forget.


Heritage has
Belgian chocolate and vanilla and red roses
golden sparkles. Trend sweet and moisturizing.

Golden Needle White Tea
antioxidant power, great source of
C vitamin. First outbreaks craft collection.

It rojo 50 Years
purifying, digestive, reduce the cholesterol.

It rojo Sweet Cream
The combined properties of red tea
with caramel cream, honey and handle.

Red Tea Creativity
The traditional taste of red tea
combined with the aroma of sweet fruits.

It negro English Breakfast
With intense flavor teína
from India, mixture of two harvests.

It has black Lapsang Souchong
Friendly tea on stomach.
Teína its content is moderate and not as high as in
other black teas.

It negro Da Vinci
Crunchy chocolate with vanilla and cream.

It verde Kukicha
Awesome lists
Benefits, as antiinflammatory effect, antioxidative and

It verde Sencha
antioxidants, with qualities

Green tea fairy garden
The best properties of tea
verde, combined with exotic fruits and roses India.

Green tea Femininity
Geisha old recipe, with cherry
Japanese traditional gathering properties of green tea.

Rooibos original
decaffeinated, what makes it a drink
ideal for children and people who can not drink teína.

Rooibos Joy of Living
Apple spice roasted, pineapple, coco.

Rooibos Out of Africa
Moisturizing and comforting.

Magical mix of fruits
Infusion without intense teína, acidity
Maximum for its red fruit and the sweetness of honey.

Herbal tea digestive
It is a delicious and natural remedy

Tisane Sweet Dreams
Poppy and lavender essences
French maintained and even mixed couple moment of peace.

Relaxing, It is anti-inflammatory, It helps the system
immune, reduces the cholesterol.

Promotes digestion, relieves symptoms of the
Cold and Flu, calming effect. It helps to sleep.

Combat nervousness, stress, insomnia. Alleviate the pain
head and treats hypertension.

Commonly used for fever, problems
liver, headache, anxiety or flu.

Detox Infusion integral decaffeinated
With apple and pear,
digestive and satiating.

has Full: 25€
Our selection of sweets and homemade pastries, accompanied
our exclusive teas selected crops.
Finger sandwiches, and baked Scoones.

Tea Complete with Champagne: 35€
Our full tea, accompanied by a glass of
Moët & Chandon Imperial.

It Premium: 55€
Our complete tea with Champagne Moët & Chandon
Imperial served on old dishes of the follow XIX, from
the best English houses of the time.

Available in the bar and terraces
Consult our team room for more information